DO Catalunya Route at Fiesta Major de Gràcia 2015

Logo Festa Major de Gràcia

DO Catalunya offers this 2015 for fourth year in a row, the oportunity to the thousands of people attending the Festa Major de Gràcia (festa patrimonial d’interès nacional) de of enjoying a good sample of the catalan wines , with the aim of aproching the wine culture, believing always in the wine in moderation and the key facts of the european campaignWine in Moderation. 

Along the days of Festa Major (15 to 21 of August), DO Catalunya organizes a Wine route in the streets that are involved in the traditional contest of decoration. Moreover, to know more about the wines of the route a DO sommelier makes guided wine tasting on every street.

Flyer Gràcia 2015 final darrereFlyer Gràcia 2015 final